A Very Late LeakyCon Report

So I’m in Seattle getting my pre-E3 briefing from Microsoft and I plum forgot to blog until now. (If anybody knows what plum means in that sentence, feel free to let me know.) I have no idea whatsoever what’s going on in the wider world. But I wanted to write up a few notes about LeakyCon, where I was last week. I’m going to lay it on …

Trade Paperback Bender

I’m always a few years behind what’s up in comics. Especially mainstream superhero stuff. Every time I pop into a store, I’ve missed like three Secret Crossover Crisis Infinite Civil Secret Continuity Change-Everything Wars. But all the good stuff is reprinted in trade form, so buying comics is kind of like going to the butcher. I …

Terminator Salvation: A Nerd’s Notes

I couldn’t really call myself a scholar of the Terminator franchise. Mostly what distinguishes me from other Terminator fans is my unusual ability to enjoy and re-watch T3: Rise of the Machines. This is partly though not entirely accounted for by my lingering celebrity crush on Claire Danes. (True story: I used to live with someone who …

Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Trailer

It’s here. You’ve probably seen it. Let’s put it here too:

I wonder why I’m not more stoked about this. I mean, love Robert Downey, Jr. I could watch him shave. I often do, through a telephoto lens, outside his heavily guarded estate. But this feels like a bit of a mess to me — like Guy Ritchie trying really hard not to be Guy …

How to Nerd an American Quilt

Like many of you, I have a giant plastic container in my garage, crammed full of old t-shirts that I will never wear again. These t-shirts were acquired during the many activities typical of an unadventurous, white-person poseur existence. (A college lacrosse shirt, even though I have never touched a lacrosse stick; an MTV Half-Hour

Swartzwelder Alert!

John Swartzwelder, the man who wrote the line, “Here’s to alcohol.  The cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems,” has a new book out.  More jokes about aliens, time-travel, punching, and throwing fire-crackers into the jars of super-intelligent brains from the future.

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