Ultimate Final Secret Crisis Wars: The Crisisization

You may not have been aware of it, but DC’s Final Crisis mini-series mega-event wrapped up last month. That was it. No more crises after this. That was the final one.

I usually avoid this kind of continuity-wide mini-series. I’ve just read too many of them that are all, ‘this will change everything,’ and then nothing ever changes, …

It’s an Embedded Video Friday: Moon, Bioshock 2

First up, the first fully fledged Moon trailer:

I kind of … want this. It looks like Total Recall meets Eternal Sunshine. I’m trying not to think about the fact that the director, one Duncan Jones, is apparently David Bowie’s son. If you look on YouTube you can find a set of five clips from the movie, but I’m not linking to them …

Cooking: Nerdy or Not Nerdy? The Case for the Gastro-Nerd

I cook a lot. I didn’t used to. My father lives on Saltines, and my mother is English, so all in all we weren’t a big food house. Plus I thought of cooking as something cool people did. Cool is not really my department. Nerds are supposed to live on vending machine food. Which I did for a long time.

But you know, sometimes I watched …

The end of an era

An amazing thing happened today: The battery on my Kindle 2 finally ran out of juice.


Amazing because, with the wireless connection off, it lasted nearly two months. I used it about a half hour a day. Glad I hedged in my story and said the battery would last “more than two weeks.”

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