iPhone Terms of Service Agreement

1) I agree that whenever I have my iPhone on my person, I will never be fully mentally present. If I am at work, I will be thinking about my iPhone. If I am with my wife, I will be thinking about my iPhone. If I am awake and near my iPhone, I will be thinking about my iPhone.

2) I agree that I will not check my email ten times a

A Crazy Ending Where Something Happens

This may be the blog turf of Time TV critic James Ponzionsoinzweik, but I had to bring it up. ABC’s Life on Mars just aired its series finale. And when my friend’s mom told him what the show’s twist ending was, and he told me, I had to see it for myself. Now, I never watched the American version of the program, but I would argue …

March Maddeningness

Every year, it’s an ordeal. Some gung-ho sports fan in the office hands out that Xeroxed NCAA tournament bracket. I stare, mystified, at the meaningless grid of confusion. But I do it. I fill it out. Why does picking random winners and losers in sports matchups I know zero about and will never watch take so damn long?

Every …

Confessions of an iShoot Addict

I’m at a loss to explain why I’m still playing iShoot. I play it at home. I play it on the subway. I played it in between the last sentence and this one. I have played it while in the same room as a perfectly available PS3. How does that make sense?

iShoot is a turn-based tank combat game for the iPhone. It’s incredibly crude: you …

E-mail Fu: The Way of the Empty In-Box

[Warning: this is what news professionals call a “soft” item, in that it is unrelated in any way to any news breaking or otherwise. Not like all my other posts.]

I don’t mean to get all Lifehacker on y’all, but I have no e-mail in my in-box. None.

I didn’t want to say anything and jinx it, but it’s going on three weeks now, and …

Why I Worry About the Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Posting about the Where the Wild Things Are trailer has already, in 24 hours, become the trucker hat of nerdblogging. Who am I to defy the status quo? Nobody, that’s who.

I initially held off on a post about this trailer because … I didn’t like it. I yield to nobody in my love for Spike Jonze, or at least Being John Malkovich.

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