Liveblogging the Watchmen Movie

OK, I’m not actually liveblogging the Watchmen movie. I saw it like three weeks ago. But I’ve held off writing about it till now, ensuring that by the time I did there would be so many reviews already out there that the whole idea of reviewing Watchmen is totally passé. (Time‘s review is here. My official musings on the adaptation, from …

Who Watches the Botchmen?

An Alfred E. Newman-faced Rorschach (or is it a Rorschach-bodied Alfred E. Newman?) graces the cover of MAD Magazine this month, and, having somehow not yet reached full Watchmen saturation, I eagerly gave it a read. And, while MAD-tastically silly, the magazine’s movie parody (“Botchmen”) committed a crime I now realize is …

Dollhouse: It’s Not That Bad?

I’ve been watching Dollhouse. I’ve also been reading the critical reception for it, which has basically been like a mass public wake. There is a sense of mourning. It’s not just that Dollhouse isn’t that good, but that its very not-goodness seems to prove something more sinister about the universe — the very fact that Joss Whedon can …

Song List from the Upcoming U2 Spider-Man Musical


Power (In The Name Of Responsibility)

Beautiful MJ

J. Jonah James-One

Swinging To Stand Still

The Unforgettable Death of Uncle Ben

In Goblin’s Country



Where Ock Arms Have No Self-Awareness Chip

Mysterio Ways

Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Rhino Me

Zooropa (Aunt May’s …

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