Halo Wars Impressions

It’s not really fair of me to play Halo Wars. I mean, first it has to get past the apples-and-oranges comparison with the original Halo games. Which makes no sense, but you can’t help it. Then it has to compete with my memories of Bungie’s old RTS Myth, which are sacred and can never be superseded. To this day when I fly cross-country …

The Transformers 2 Trailer: Full of Win

I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve rewatched the Transformers 2 trailer a few times:

I liked the part where the humans died.

There are reasonable odds that the trailer, by virtue of its awesomeness and brevity, will be better than the actual movie — as if Michael Bay were mounting a deconstruction of the patriarchal dominance …

My Own Private Watchmen

There is a press blackout on reviewing the Watchmen movie until March 6. However, I’ve seen the movie, and I’m not press. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write a review of Watchmen. What I am going to write about is the emotional experience of seeing a piece of literature with which I have an intense personal connection LITERALLY COME

10 Reasons Why Facebook Is for Old People

Let me tell you a little something I’ve learned about scotch. When you drink a lot of it, you feel bad the next day. I’ve learned this before. I will probably learn it again. I think if I take any more Advil I’m going to have toxic shock syndrome.

So rather than do a proper post I’m just going to link to a piece I did for the magazine …

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday

From the Department of Facebook Etiquette: It’s my birthday today. (Thanks! No, seriously, thanks! When’s yours? No way! That’s the same day as my aunt, dude…)

Like just about ever other idiot who immigrated to Facebook some time ago, during registration, I dutifully filled in my birth date. That, plus the fact that I am a …

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