So Dork the Con of San

If there is one cultural event in no danger of being underreported, it’s the San Diego Comic Book Convention. I’m shocked the internet was able to handle its regular duties (porn, stock info, amateur porn), with all the bandwidth being devoted to frantic photos of Hugh Jackman, the Owlship and Lego Indiana Jones standing next to a guy …

Gordon Vs. Gordon

Gotham City Family Court

Barbara Gordon


Commissioner James Gordon

The Plaintiff above named, complaining of the Defendant herein, alleges and states as follows:

1) The parties hereto are husband and wife. Throughout the marriage, the Plaintiff has been a faithful wife and loving mother of their son and …

Who Somethings the Something?

I just Googled the phrase “Who Watches the Watchmen Trailer,” and got 545 hits. So much for that blog title.

Lord, I wish I had the strength of will to wait see this trailer as it was meant to be seen: in a theater crammed with fanboys lusting to see The Dark Knight — fanboys who don’t know that before Nolan’s sad sad sad …

Defending ChunkyLover53

This week, the internet has been ablaze with stories like this one on CNET.

Okay, not ablaze. But a bunch of articles. Here’s the deal. A Simpsons episode I wrote, called “The Dad Who Knew Too Little,” had a joke in it where Homer gave his email address as: Ha ha. Homer thinks of himself as fat and sexy. Ha …

Dr. Horrible Is the iPhone of Web Video

I was trying to remember the last time I’d seen this kind of nerd feeding frenzy over something. Then I remembered.

And truly, it is a thing to behold. I got impatient yesterday with the server problems and bought a season pass on iTunes (where the evil Doctor is currently holding down the #1 slot in the TV category). $3.99 well spent …

E3 by the Trailers

I’m not at E3. I read about it on blogs like a normal person. While I am doing so the only thing I really care about is the trailers. So I’m going to paste all the major trailers together into one post and say things about them. Because I care.

First up: The Sims 3.

Yeah. I still don’t get it.

Nolan Vs. Selman — Part II

The exciting conclusion of 14-year-old Matt Selman’s 1986-era A Prologue to the Dark Knight. Any similarities between this and 37-year-old Christopher Nolan’s 2008-era The Dark Knight are surely not coincidental.


Batman disregards Alfred’s warning, and is captured by the police while trying to kill the Joker. Enter Batman …

Sent from My iPhone…3G SUCKAAAAZZZZZ!!!

This wasn’t actually sent from my iPhone 3G. I’m waiting till I get home to sync it with my Powerbook. But I do have it. (Have = Apple has loaned me a unit for review purposes.) It’s sitting on my desk, charging up through its surprisingly weensy charger.

The scene at the store (the glass cube store in midtown Manhattan) was sedate, …

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