Deleted Scenes From Iron Man


TONY STARK: Pull over… right here.
DRIVER: Where?
TONY STARK: At Burger King.
DRIVER: Are you serious?
TONY STARK: Didn’t you hear me say the first thing I wanted after being tortured in the desert by terrorists for three months was a real American cheeseburger?
DRIVER: Yeah, sure… but Burger …

Rapture: The Ride

Bioshock is going to be a movie, apparently. Gore Verbinski (who did The Ring and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) is supposed to direct. Roll saving throw vs. Hollywood soullessness. Wonder how casting will play out — I always thought Atlas sounded like Ewan Macgregor. And I’m looking forward to Keira Knightley saying, “I’m so …

The First Seven Minutes of Speed Racer

They’re below. In theory anyway. The Yahoomatic streaming looks pretty wonky.

This movie is turning out to be extremely divisive — I’m seeing pans and raves all over the mediaverse. Personally I loved it and walked out of the screening thinking I’d seen a monster hit. Anybody else seen it?

My Thing About Grand Theft Auto IV

I’ve never been way into the GTA series. I’ve been medium-into it from time to time. I played Vice City and San Andreas, but never to state of total unambiguous completion. The sad truth is, I am one of those gamers people complain about, who are totally focused on combat simulation, and there are way way better pure combat simulators …

The Gauntlet Has Been PWND

It’s been twenty-three hours since 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, when Grand Theft Auto IV hit the streets of Los Angeles. My neck is stiff. My wife is mad. My dog is swollen with urine. But after almost a day of Liberty City action, one thing is clear:

Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer blows Halo 3 multiplayer away.

Will the world …

The Smallest Problem In The World

A lot of movies these days are “From The Guys Who Brought You” some other movie. Of course, “From The Guys Who Brought You” is a perfectly bland way of saying — if you liked Superbad, you’ll like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I did like Superbad, and I did like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. However, this dumb marketing phrase has inflicted …

Guillermo del Toro Is Really Directing the Hobbit Movies Really

He is. Or didn’t we know this already? I guess it wasn’t official before. And it is now.

Good news, right? In a way it would have been cool to have Jackson do the whole series — there would have been that consistency in tone throughout all the movies. But spending that much time in Jackson’s head was starting to feel a bit …

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