The Blob Report: The Environment

Hey there, it’s me, the Blob. The thousand-pound guy in the unitard. Well, I’m here to stand up for an oppressed minority, of which I am one of them: Giant Fatsos.

Giant Fatsos get the blame for everything these days. First, it was the skyrocketin’ costs a healthcare, then we was wreckin’ the rainforest, and now they’re blamin’ …

In Which I Read Some Manga

Not only did I read some manga, I got it from my mom. If I wasn’t a nerd before I think that seals the deal.

I had always avoided manga till now. I would see the books lying around, but they’re kind of off-putting. They’ve got all these symbols and icons on them, all that kanji, and the paper quality is so awful, and they have words …

Nerd World: Not at CES, Not Feeling Bad About It

I’m not like Matt. I don’t sit around watching movies and striking for causes I believe in. I work for a living. Or I do now that I’m back from leave.

One thing I don’t do anymore is go to a lot of tech trade shows. Used to. Used to be I’d haul-ass off to Las Vegas for a week of vaporware and mini-bar booze and bad air and jolie-laide

End Trailer Profiling Now!

I went to see The Golden Compass recently, and before the movie they showed the trailers for the following upcoming films: The Spiderwick Chronicles, Inkheart, and The Forbidden Kingdom. Wait a minute… oh, I get it. Because I go to a fantasy movie, I only get ads for other fantasy movies? There’s a word for that: bigotry. And …

Anti-Hero of the British Empire

George MacDonald Fraser, author of The Flashman Papers, and Master of my historical fiction Universe, died this week at 82. Reading Fraser’s twelve Flashman books is one of the great joys of possessing eyes. (And listening to David Case, also dead, read the Flashman books-on-tape is a decent benefit of having ears.)

The Flashman

Don’t Read This Unless You 1) Have Children and 2) Play Video Games

I promise you, it will bore and annoy you, just as it would have bored and annoyed me before I became a parent. But now I am one, and I’m wondering if anybody out there is dealing with a toddler on the cusp of becoming a junior gamer.

I say this because my daughter, who’s 3 and a half, just played her first game. She’s always been …

Monster Caucus


Hulk vote for Huckabee. Huckabee not believe in evolution. Hulk not believe in evolution. Creationism seem smart to Huckabee and Hulk. What about fossil record, say puny Banner? Fossils put there by God to test Hulk’s faith. Hulk smash fossil record! VOTE HULKABEE!!!



Video Game Violence Holiday Roundup

SYRACUSE, New York (AP) — Police and firefighters were called in to break up what was described as an “all-out riot” between members of the Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternities. According to witnesses, the adjacent fraternity houses were both playing a popular version of the video game Rock Band, called “Beer Rock Band,” when the …

re: Worst “Best of” Of 2007

Enthouse is effing genius. Also Letters to Enthouse.

I’m having a recovered memory of passing off as my own, in a letter to my friend Matt (different Matt) when I was around 11, the parody of “Norwegian Wood” in Larry Niven’s Dream Park:

I once had a sword. Or should I say, it just had me.

I just picked it up. Oh, what a sword: it was

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