Worst “Best Of” Of 2007

It’s the end of the year, and all the critics are churning out their “Best of 2007” lists. My colleague Lev Grossman has so many that I would be hard pressed to choose my ten best lists among of all his “Ten Best” lists. Anyway, here’s my list:


A quilt made of Jimmy Buffet concert

Another WALL-E Trailer Goes Up

My brain has been colonized by friendly cold bacilli that are helping my body to produce lots and lots of phlegm. So I’m going to do some low-IQ posting today, starting w/ this new WALL-E trailer:

Earlier this year I kinda harshed on WALL-E as too cute and sentimental-looking and Short Circuit-y, based on the little footage that was …

The Nerdies: The 10 Best Nerd Things of 2007

I’m on leave from Time for a month to work on a book, which is leaving me less exposed to nerd things than usual. I haven’t even seen fricking I Am Legend, for frick’s sake. But I’m keeping the blogging flame burning, sort of. Because, you know, it matters.

Today I spent my lunch break noodling around with a list of the best nerd things …

Barfing Las Vegas — Part 3

I ran through a maze of backstage corridors, desperately trying to make it back to the Spike TV Video Game Awards in time for Dave Navarro to give me a stupid prize. Finally, I found the way back into the show. And only one gentle old man was blocking my way. Unfortunately, that man was Stan Lee.

Stan Lee? No. Not here. Not now. …

5 Minutes of Cloverfield

It used to be you felt like you were getting away with something when you embedded video in your blog — you were “appropriating” the Man’s media, “recontextualizing” it within your own “agenda.” Truly, early 2007 was a heady time for our nation’s idealistic young dreamers. Now I just feel like I’m another footsoldier in a viral …

Barfing Las Vegas — Part 2

It was every Hollywood jerk’s worst nightmare: not getting to stand on stage and be handed a statue. Food poisoning had laid me low, and I was going to miss getting my Spike TV Video Game Award. Or was I? Hell no. Boot and rally, as people I hated in college used to say.

I unsteadily made my way to the Video Game Awards, armed with …

Barfing Las Vegas — Part 1

In my many years as a writer for The Simpsons, I’ve been nominated for my share of Hollywood honors. So I know well the heart-pounding unease of sitting in the cold audience of an award show, waiting for my category to be announced. That’s why winning my first Spike TV Video Game Award was so memorable. Because instead of sitting …

The Speed Racer Trailer Is Up Too

Right here. If that music doesn’t give you a massive nostalgia seizure, check your internal hard drive.

I’m not saying this is going to be a good movie. But it does look like the best possible Speed Racer movie you could make.

The Prince Caspian Trailer Is Up

It’s here. Scroll down for the high-def version.

Prince Caspian is, of course, a very weird book, since it starts a millennium after the last book ends, so the first thing the Pevensies have to deal with is that everybody they knew and loved in Narnia is dead. Except Aslan — maybe that’s the point? But you can imagine how pissed his …

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