The Rumors Are True: Bungie Is Splitting from Microsoft

Nothing too surprising about this — it’s an open secret that Bungie and Microsoft were never able to merge their corporate cultures successfully, to put it ridiculously mildly. One wonders if Bungie was under pressure to puke out more Halo sequels,but wanted to work on new IP…who knows. What is clear: Bungie got a much-needed infusion …

The Bug That Dare Not Say Its Name

I have long felt that the minimal unit of computer-related annoyance, the bug, is a bit too large and unwieldy to truly and accurately express the actual experience of interacting with a computer. We all know about the regular bugs: the show-stoppers, the app-crashers and system-lockers. But what about those littler critters, the sub-bug …

Why I Don’t Watch Heroes

A few days ago somebody asked in comments what the hell nerd culture was anyway. Good question. Nerd culture — geek culture actually, I guess — is the phrase I came up with in 10 seconds when the guy who designed the banner for my blog asked me what it should say on it.

It’s probably fair to say that Heroes is nerd culture. I don’t …

Has Pixar Finally Found Its Flop?

There’s a new (I think) clip from Wall-E here, the next big Pixar project. (With French text, found via Ain’t It Cool.) I’ve heard good buzz around Wall-E, but deep down I can’t help but wonder if Pixar isn’t groping its way toward its first flop with this one.

I know, I know, Pixar is sacred and papal in its infallibility. And I know,

Now In Paper-Vision: The Storm Worm

I have a piece in this week’s Time about the Storm Worm, a remarkably clever, stubborn, well-maintained virus.

What I wanted to get across in the piece, and didn’t really manage to do, is how incredibly weird the whole botnet phenomenon is. I mean, I’ve been reading about them for years, and I’m still trying to get my mind around the …

My Current Gadget Crush

This Iomega eGo portable hard drive. It holds 160 GB — it swallowed my entire life’s work and didn’t burp. Yeah, it’s also 160 bucks, so it’s probably not the ideal bucks-to-GBs ratio. But it’s such a happy red! And look carefully — you can see it’s curved, like a hip flask. It’s a flask full of delicious data!

The Great Nerd Culture Gap

This is a subject my Spidey-sense is telling me not to post about. And yet.

Tuesday night I was a talking head on CNN International, a cable channel that is probably mostly broadcast at one airport gate in Dubai or something. I was on to talk about the Halo 3 launch. I was having a massive allergy attack and was even less telegenic than …

Really Long Space String Tangled; Etc.

The Russians had a good idea: put a spaceship in a low orbit, then lower a capsule from it on a 30 km tether, all the way back to earth. Step 3: space elevator. Sort of. It’s not clear to me that the tether would reach all the way down to earth — wouldn’t 30 km be a really, really low orbit? But it seems like a step in the right …

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