Thorwatch: The Thorening

This IGN story lists two casting rumors for Matthew Vaughn’s Thor movie, one horrible and one actually pretty great. Horrible: a pro wrestler named Triple H. Pretty great: Kevin McKidd, who played Lucius Vorenus in Rome.

Sure, Vorenus was kinda whiny at times, but McKidd clearly has chops and would lend some thespian credibility to the …

Indiana Jones and the What of the Thing

Slashfilm has a very nice little scoop. Apparently there’s some kind of filmy rule whereby you have to register the title of a movie with the MPAA before you release it, and somebody got ahold of the titles Lucasfilm has registered for Indy IV. To wit:

Indiana Jones and the City of Gods

Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of

Huge, Puffy Extrasolar Planet Located

That about says it all. It’s 70 percent bigger than Jupiter, which makes it the largest planet ever found, but it’s only 3/4 as massive. “That means the alien planet is about as dense as balsa wood or cork, said [Georgi] Mandushev, who is part of a planet-hunting team known as the Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey.” It also whips around …

Enter…the Googlephone!

I hope this doesn’t turn into a monstrous iPhonelike media bubble. Everybody writing about it, myself included, should be forced to take several deep calming breaths before setting fingertip to keyboard. But yeah, Google might possibly be making a phone.

It’s not a wildly radical idea: you picture some kind of low-end version of an …

The Legal Technology Gap

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff (which by the way, where is he now? still jazzy, somewhere?) said it best: movie theater owners just don’t understand. This story (from the Washington Post, spotted via Slashdot) isn’t surprising, just appalling: a 19-year-old woman in a movie theater takes a 20-second clip of Transformers to show her brother …

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