Nerd World Is On Vacation

There comes a time when a blogger must cease to write about nerdish things, and he must go out into the world and do them. For me that time has come.

When that time has passed I will return to my computer and blog once more. Until then.

Nerd Video: It’s Wrong to Laugh at Gay Robot

I’m pretty sure it’s wrong to laugh at Gay Robot. I mean, I know it is. Which means there’s something wrong with me. (Not very SFW. Depends on where you W.)

Spoiler alert: Gay Robot’s date ends badly. Watch at your peril. Pass the tissues, we all got issues.

Facebook vs. MySpace: Round One, Fight!

This announcement — the one about Facebook partnering with a bunch of other companies that are going to make widgets — is one of those pieces of technology news that’s kinda hella boring to read about, but reflects a really interesting macro-level dynamic in the evolution of Web 2.0.

I find it helpful to think about these huge Web …

The Top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Novels That Really Need to Get Made Into Movies

If you have any contact with people in the film industry, you know they’re constantly desperate for ideas — what’s the next “hot” “property” they can “option,” etc. So how to explain all the fantastic SF and fantasy books that just lie around unproduced? Here are my top 10. If you’re reading this, and you’re the assistant to a Hollywood …

Neuromancer Is Finally Going to Be a Movie

I love how Variety softballs this announcement:

William Gibson’s prescient sci-fi bestseller from the ’80s, “Neuromancer,” will get the big screen treatment from vet producer-distributor Peter Hoffman, whose own Cannes exploits go back some 25 years.

Hoffman said the project is not just a good sci-fi adventure but a story full of hot

Nerd Cinema: I Am an Involuntary Transformers Movie Shill

I don’t even want to see the Transformers movie. I just want to watch this trailer. Over and over again:

I’m loving the jump-jet guy. It’s like the Harrier from Schwarzenegger’s True Lies woke up and realized it needed its own movie.

Why? Why is this movie good? The Transformers were a B-list toy franchise. Michael Bay is an action …

Actual News Alert: Amazon to Sell Digital Music DRM-free

That’s about it. The press release says they’ll offer music in plain-old MP3 format from 12,000 music labels, which I had no idea there were even that many. The release specifically mentions EMI, which suggests — circumstantially — that EMI is the only major on board. In a way this was an inevitable development: Amazon has been selling …

The 10 Worst Trends on the Internet Right at This Exact Moment

Because it’s that kind of day. You know what, don’t even read this, it’s just me being annoyed.

1. Rollover ads. Holy God, who thought these were a good idea? Any technology that you activate inadvertently, which then grows and metastasizes to cover up the Web content you actually want to see, should never have been devised by …

The Return of the Bionic Woman

I feel like John Travolta in Grease. We had a great time together, you and I, Bionic Woman. It was a magical interlude that I’ll never forget. It’s just…I never thought I’d see you again.

And now you’re back, from outer space. This is the week the TV networks do their “upfronts,” which means they announce-slash-pimp-to-media their …

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