The Killer Nerd Meme

As a very peripheral side-note to the still-unfolding story of the Virginia Tech tragedy, I can’t help keeping a weather eye out for the return of the killer nerd meme that got loose in the wake of the Columbine killings: the anti-social, trench-coated video game freak who finally snaps. So far sightings of the meme have been relatively …

Now in Paper-vision: Faux-Nerd Adam Brody

In this week’s Time Joel Stein profiles Adam Brody, the actor who made nerds hip on a TV show — The O.C. — that no actual nerd ever actually watched. We learn, among other things, that Brody isn’t really all that nerdy in real life:

“I’m a fake intellectual,” he says while wearing giant sunglasses and eating his first meal of the

Indiana Jones 4 News: The Shia-ning

It was either that subject line or ‘Where’s LaBeouf?’ I think we’ll all agree that I chose wisely.

Yes, per USA Today, Shia LaBoeuf (I will never stop spelling that wrong) is in Indy 4, alongside Ford, Cate Blanchett, Sean Connery, and (please, I hope) Karen Allen (does she really have anything better to do?). Even though he was born 5 …

The Man in the Grey Iron Suit

That subject line is supposed to be a “play” on the novel The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, a searing midcentury indictment of American corporate culture. I’m just clever as clever today.

Anyhoo, here’s the first image to come out from the upcoming Jon Favreau/Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man movie:

Click over to Ain’t It Cool to see it

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