Gawell the Mage is Level 70 and You’re Not

Probably most of you are aware that the World of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade came out at midnight two nights ago. It raises the maximum possible level from 60 to 70. The first character to max out the new level cap hit it this morning at 4:04 AM. Dude is Gawell, a gnome mage, who is played by a 24-year-old French guy. There’s …

Star Trek to World: I’m Not Dead Yet

I can’t quite get my mind around the fact that J.J. Abrams now basically owns the entire Star Trek franchise. After the success of Alias Paramount handed him the whole thing, like a Hummer or a couple extra points on the back end. Star Trek is a living, breathing cultural entity. You can’t just give it to somebody.

Except you can and …

I Have Eaten the Apple Computer of Knowledge

Or oh, snap, it’s just Apple now. They dropped the “Computer” part. Does Sir Paul have to sue them all over again now?

One reason posting has been a little light lately is that I’ve been in Cupertino for the past week working on a behind-the-scenes piece about the iPhone launch. It’s here. So I have physically touched an iPhone, and it …

Ou sont les Tempetes d’antan?

I’m writing this on a train heading north from Silicon Valley to San Francisco for MacWorld. Doing a little amateur war-driving on the way. Distinct lack of creativity hereabouts vis-a-vis naming WiFi networks — “linksys” and “NETGEAR” and “default” all the way. Somebody should get right on that.

Great piece here about the decline of …

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