How Dangerous Is 3D, Really?

3D may be the new thing for movies, television and gaming, but just how safe is it…? As we reported yesterday, Nintendo recently posted a warning on its Japanese website that suggested that players take a break from 3D every thirty minutes, adding “For children under the age of 6, looking at 3D images for a long time could possibly …

Does Disney Need To Turn Their 2D Classics Into 3D?

One thing that makes Disney movies stand out from other animation features is that their universal story and plot can appeal to any one in any decade. Every child can imagine wanting to be the hero that saves the day, and ever adult can remember back to a time when they believe the world was magical. So, is it really necessary that the …

Google Earth Now Features Street View, 3D Trees

The latest version of Google’s free mapping software, Google Earth 6, is now available for download.

The program integrates Google Maps’ “Street View” function, allowing you to take a detailed first-person, 360-degree look at any street in the world that’s been panoramically photographed by one of the company’s Street View …

Top Five Uses For Your Kinect Besides Gaming

The Kinect might be Microsoft’s new add-on to their Xbox 360, but many gamers are finding other uses for it. Kinect hacks are growing in popularity and showing that the technology might be useful for more than gaming. Here’s some of our favorite modifications for the Kinect that we think will revolutionize your life.

(More on

BBC Dinosaurs Documentary Coming to Theaters in 3D

If you liked the 3D mix of CGI and live action footage of Avatar, but weren’t so convinced by things like “story” or “large blue aliens that kind of look like the actors in a way that’s kind of freaky,” then the news that the BBC documentary series Walking With Dinosaurs is to be turned into a big budget 3D movie is probably the best …

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