Meet DROID RAZR, the ‘World’s Thinnest’ 4G LTE Phone

It it really, truly “impossibly” thin? With “unstoppable power”? A device ready-made for America’s “fastest and most reliable 4G network”? Hey, what do you expect Verizon and Motorola to say when they’re showing off their new powerhouse portable, a smartphone they’ve dubbed the DROID RAZR? As in: “DROID Strong” and “RAZR Sharp” (go …

Sprint’s 4G LTE Network Might Appear Early Next Year

Sprint customers, rejoice! Okay, not quite yet: Sprint is due to make an announcement on October 7 that they’re adding 4G LTE services next year.

If you’re not already streaming data effortlessly, CNET reports Sprint will flip the switch early next year, and that some customers may be able to get the service as early as the end of …

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