Creepy Productivity, Thy Name is Skullhub

Finally, a USB hub made from a replica human skull. I hope it’s a replica, at least. At just $25, the 4-port USB 2.0 Skullhub (two ports in each cheek) features a carved out cranial area for you to store candy or your keys or whatever else someone who’d buy the Skullhub would want to put in there.

The USB ports are unpowered, so make

New Wii Remote Plus on the Way?

Nintendo’s got a history of rolling out new accessories or add-ons with new game releases. Think back to 1997 and the vibrating Rumble Pak bundled in with Star Fox 64. More recently, they’ve done the same thing with the Wii Zapper and Link’s Crossbow Training and have included the Wii Wheel with Mario Kart Wii.

Now, it seems like …

ReadySteady Stabilizes Pocket Camcorders, Doubles as Tripod

The $30 ReadySteady camcorder stabilizer is a little smaller than a hockey puck. It’s made of two high-quality, sturdy aluminum halves that house a flexible seven-inch rod that screws into your camcorders tripod mount.

When you want to use the ReadySteady, you untwist the two aluminum halves, remove the gooseneck tripod rod, twist the …

Finally! Etch A Sketch iPad Case

The once-magic Etch A Sketch meets the now-magical iPad in what can only be termed as a magicsplosion of magicnanimous magicsticism.

The Etch A Sketch iPad Case costs $39, is "made of impact resistant plastic," and comes with retractable kickstand feet. The knobs are there, too, but they’re flattened and create no magic. Magical

Lenovo Laptop Charger Doubles as a USB Hub

Smart. Lenovo has managed to stuff four USB ports into the brick of a notebook power adapter. And while notebook adapters with built-in USB charging ports exist already, this one actually turns three of its four ports into a USB hub while reserving the fourth for straightforward charging.

So if you’re looking to plug a bunch of

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