Acer: Netbooks Will Survive! Tablets: LOL!

Well this is kind of awkward. In an interview published on Forbes’ blog yesterday, Eric Ackerson, a senior product marketing and brand manager at Acer, said that “the death of netbooks is overstated,” in regard to the proliferation of tablets like the iPad. His reasoning is simple: tablets are expensive, netbooks are not.

The article …

Here Come the Cheap Android Tablets

Apple stunned tech pundits in January 2010, when it announced the iPad for a $499 base price. The company known for premium products was selling its cutting-edge tablet for near-netbook prices.

More than a year later, the competition is about to give Apple a run for its money. Three upcoming tablets — Acer’s Iconia A100, Asus’ Eee …

Acer Outs New Tablets, 4.8-inch Phone, Dual Screen Laptop

It’s official. Acer’s getting into the tablet game. That’s a good thing for consumers because Acer is one of the most aggressive companies out there when it comes to pricing, so it may be able to drive the costs of tablets down in general. We won’t see anything until next year, but here’s what’s coming.

For starters, the company plans …

Acer Prepping Keyboardless Dual Touchscreen Laptop?

This may be nothing or it may be the very future of portable computing as we know it! As with all rumors, it’s probably somewhere in between.

Apparently Acer is working on a 15-inch notebook that swaps out the hardware keyboard and trackpad for a second touchscreen. The design appears similar to Toshiba’s

Acer Taking a Second Stab at Hybrid Android/Win XP Netbook

Back in October of last year, Acer went down a seldom travelled path by serving up a 10-inch netbook (shown above) running both Windows XP and Android. It received lukewarm reviews early on, with most of the criticism stemming from the lack of access to the Android Market and a dedicated Gmail app. It ran Flash, though, and seemed to …

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