#NoEscapeFrom2012: Twitter to Start Selling Political Advertising

Bad news for those who use social media as a way to escape politics: Twitter is planning to sell political advertising in the run-up to next year’s U.S. election, and five Presidential campaigns are already on board.

The good news is that the advertising won’t take the form of the controversial insertion of tweets within your …

Ads Creep into Twitter Timelines, but Don’t Panic Yet

Twitter has devised a way for advertisers to make their messages more prominent in users’ timelines, but it’s not the full-fledged ad invasion that you might be fearing.

Starting today, Twitter is rolling out “Promoted Tweets” for companies like Dell, Gatorade, Groupon and HBO, as well as some non-profit organizations such as the …

The Price of a Twitter Promo Spot: $120,000

You know those “Promoted” items that appear in the list of trending topics on your Twitter home page? Ever wondered how much it might cost to buy one?

Turns out the going rate is a cool $120,000 per day.

And if you’re smart, you’ll buy one sooner rather than later, because that price is five times higher than it was just a year …

Tweets Are the New TV Ratings

The success of a TV show is no longer dependent on its official viewer ratings – Twitter and Facebook are increasingly telling producers and advertisers everything they need to know.

I’ve noticed it in my Twitter stream, you must have seen it in yours: Every evening, the big TV show of the night gets a slew of mentions by those …

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