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Weakness in Skype Android App Can Expose Your Personal Info

Heads up on a recently revealed vulnerability in the popular Skype app for Android. While the app itself hasn’t been exposing anyone’s personal information, various rogue Android apps could theoretically exploit a weakness in how Skype handles things like your username, phone number, e-mail address, chat logs and more.

Apparently the …

Google’s Cloud Music Player for Android Leaked—Take a Look

A cloud-based, streaming music service from Google is almost certainly an inevitability now, as a freshly leaked version of the Android Music player has been making its way around the tubes.

The app looks similar to the music player found on the new Android Honeycomb tablets but works on Android smartphones as well. I took it for a …

Earthquake Preparedness Apps to Help You In Case of an Emergency

While you can’t prevent natural disasters like earthquakes, you can prepare for them so you know what to do when one hits.

Your phone can become a tool to help you survive a dangerous situation. Here are some suggestions of which apps to download so you can be prepared when disaster strikes. While it’s still scary to be put in that …

Google Zaps Rogue Android Apps

A rogue developer managed to lure thousands of Android users into downloading dodgy malware for their mobile devices.

Google acted fast and axed the account run by developer Myournet, also taking steps to remove its 21 stolen applications from users’ phones via a built-in “back door” system put there for just such an …

App of the Week: PlayOn Mobile for Android

Ah, streaming media. Your promise is so elusive. The technology is here and robust enough to shoulder the burden, but the content companies have insisted that you be viewable first and foremost on big boy computers, with set-top boxes and mobile devices granted access on a case by case basis.

If this sounds like a conversation you’ve …

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