HTC EVO 4G Review: Everything And The Kitchen Sink

These days every manufacturer sets out to pack everything including the kitchen sink into a device but very few actually achieve such nirvana. HTC, however, managed to cram everything and anything into the EVO 4G for Sprint.

At its core, the EVO 4G is a beast of a device, both in size and specs. The 4.3-inch 800×480 screen is …

Dell Streak 5-inch Tablet to US in July, Priced at $500 Unlocked

The 5-inch Dell Streak—a large phone or a small tablet, depending how you see the world—goes on sale tomorrow in Europe and has gotten a more firm release date here in the US. What was once “summer” is now “July” and the device will sell directly from Dell for $500.

It’s important to note that in the UK, the Streak can …

Palm webOS Design Director Heads To Google

This can’t be good. Matias Duarte has left Palm for Google.

The now former senior director of human interface and user experience for Palm was the genius behind webOS’s user interface and his departure does not bode well for new owner HP. Google has confirmed with All Things D that Duarte is joining his former Danger cohort Andy …

They Should Make It: Cheap Smartphones, Free Service

Hear me out, hear me out. I’m not just calling for cheap smartphones and free service because I’m cheap (I am cheap). Rather, I think a company like, oh, let’s use Google as an example, could provide a viable alternative to expensive phones and even more expensive cell phone plans.

Google makes money by selling targeted …

How To: Manually Update Your Nexus One With Froyo

Attention Nexus One Owners-

Froyo has been released into the wild but the rollout, as usual, is slow, so here’s a quick way to get it up and running on your Nexus One now. If you have a rooted Nexus One then you’re going to have to wait for folks like Cyanogen to cook up a new ROM based on 2.2.

(More on Techland: Hands-on With

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