Hands-on With Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Flash 10.1

Google’s I/O Conference kicks off Day 2 with the official unveiling of Android 2.2 aka Froyo. We’ve had a review build of 2.2 with full Flash 10.1 support on a Nexus One for under a week. Here’s what we found.

The bump from Android 2.1 to 2.2 isn’t as significant as the bump from 1.6 to 2.0. There’s been a slight UI …

Android Gingerbread Slated For Q4 2010

Google’s official announcement of Android 2.2 (Froyo) is likely slated to be the big thing today at I/O (that or Smart TV). But even before Froyo is officially unveiled, we now know when Gingerbread (build # unknown) will likely launch and what platform(s) will support it. Launch dates can always be shifted around and platform …

The Future? Google Phone Whispers Targeted Ads

Though this video from The Onion is a tongue-in-cheek look at Google’s advertising platform, it may not be too far off from what’s coming in the future.

The idea is simple. Google gives away handsets and service for free and in return, it uses voice recognition software to detect what you’re talking about and whispers …

Google Shutting Down Nexus One Store

The adoption rate for Android has skyrocketed in the last few months with more and more carriers offering Google’s mobile OS devices. The NPD Group released a report earlier this week showing Android’s market share had risen significantly in the first quarter even surpassing Apple’s iPhone.

(More on Techland: 18 Best Android

Live Blog: Sprint EVO 4G Press Conference

I’m live blogging from my phone so there won’t be any photos until later tonight.

The nerds here are getting very territorial over seats at the press conference. It’s pretty ridiculous.

What can we expect to hear from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse? My guess is pricing and availability for the EVO 4G.

Those of us at the event will be …

Verizon Working With Google On Android Tablet

Put your credit card back in your wallet, purse and/or murse. There is no timeline or manufacturer attached to the Android tablet that Verizon is working on with Google. There’s really nothing surprising about this quasi announcement.

Yes, we get that everyone is scrambling to get a tablet out into the market to compete with the …

T-Mobile Shipping Garminfone in June for $200

We just got our hands on the Garminfone from T-Mobile. It’s slated to ship in June for $200 after a 2-year contract. We’ll post our initial impressions tomorrow along with photos. One notable worth mentioning now is that the Garminfone will most likely ship with Android 1.6. T-Mobile says they’re working on upgrading to 2.1, but for now …

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