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“Credit Card Bait” In-App Purchases Worries Parents

Although many apps are free in the App Store, a lot of them require in-app purchases to use all the functionalities of the program. The problem occurs when people don’t realize that they are being billed large amounts. According to one group, a lot of times these purchase trap apps are games targeted toward kids, who click on the costly …

Android App Stores Doubles In Size In Just 63 Days

Apple, it’s time to be nervous (Oh, alright, you might have another three years or so). After taking almost two years to reach 100,000, the number of apps available on Google’s Android phone doubled to 200,000 in a staggering 63 days.

Admittedly, that’s still 100,000+ below the number of apps available from Apple’s App Store, but with …

Gaming Tip Sheet: “Infinity Blade”

Just in time for Christmas, when you’re going to be stuck in that car for the long car ride to your grandma’s house, we’re bringing you some tips to make playing Infinity Blade on your iPod a little easier.

Combo King

You can also mix any of these moves starting with Right/Down/Up and changing the relative direction in the pattern …

World’s Largest iPhone Debuts in London

If you wanted to see what the world’s largest iPhone looks like – or at least what a marketing company is billing as the world’s largest iPhone – head down to London’s St. Pancras International Train Station. There you’ll see this monstrosity, which was unveiled in conjunction with the release of Lara Croft Guardian of Light in the …

What Are the Top-Selling Apple Apps of 2010?

Apple has unveiled their top-selling apps of the year, and it seems that depending on what device you have you tend to like certain programs. For iPhone users, it’s all about entertainment-based apps revolving around games, but iPad users tend to like apps the help them with productivity such as Apple’s Pages software and its Numbers and …

18 iPhone Games To Keep You Occupied

Who doesn’t love lists? Certainly not this guy!

If you have an iPhone and have been itching for something new to play on your next cab ride, road trip, or bicycle ride, do we have a list for you! After hours and hours of focus group testing, we’ve compiled a list of 18 games that are worth the bandwidth and/or your hard earned …

Bazinga!: Unofficial Google Voice App Approved For the iPhone

PSA for iPhone/iPad Owners –

Sean Kovacs’ Google Voice app for the iPhone has been approved and looks to have been added yesterday. Looks as though the app is fully functional letting you send and receive SMS messages, playback voicemails, and toggle which calls are made through Google Voice.

Grab it now for $2.99 (iTunes) if …

Google Voice Apps to Make Their Way Back to iPhones?

A little over a year ago, a handful of Google Voice applications co-existed peacefully inside Apple’s App Store.

VoiceCentral, GVDialer, and GV Mobile were each developed by independent programmers to leverage the Google Voice service in order to provide iPhone owners with the ability to make and receive calls using their Google Voice …

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