It’s Google Doodle Time: Our Geeky Favorites

I just can’t get enough of these.

Google’s annual Doodle 4 Google contest is upon us, with this year’s them set as “If I could do anything I would…” and we were happy to see so many aspiring nerds among us. (Chemists! Comic artists! Time travelers!) Google received more than 33,000 entries from students in grades K-12 from 20,000 …

Headed to Calgary Expo this Weekend?

If your weekend plans are full of nerding it up at this year’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, then take a peek at these Spider-Man paintings, done by awesome artist Scott Morse (Soulwind). Morse will be peddling his work at the Expo, with each 6″ x8″ painting selling $150 – though his blog also mentions that he’ll be willing to …

Brick Artist Nathan Sawaya Combines Legos & Fine Art

I was lucky enough to chat with artist Nathan Sawaya last week, right in time for his New York gallery debut.

Sawaya is the type of guy you admire just for having the guts to quit his job as a corporate lawyer six years ago to become an artist who does incredible work with children’s toys. While we talked, Sawaya told me that his …

Dubai … With Star Wars

At first, it’s difficult to believe that only the characters in these photos were the work of any special effect-meddling.

Photographer Cédric Delsaux took his photos of the construction of super-city Dubai and threaded them with some of our most sacred Star Wars images. The result: a beautiful fit that really puts into …

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