Asus: Quad-Core Tablet Incoming, Padfone Still Happening

A wave of quad-core Android tablets is nearly upon us, and Asus wants to be leading the charge.

At the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih said the company is working on a sequel to its Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet, called the Transformer Prime. The Prime will be powered by Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, …

Windows-Based MacBook Air Competitors May Be Pricier than Anticipated

The promise of Windows-based “ultrabooks” is an intriguing one. They’re coming later this year and they’ll sport super-thin, super-light designs similar to those found in Apple’s MacBook Air line of notebooks.

As Windows machines, there may have been an expectation that they’d cost less than similarly-outfitted MacBook Air models. …

Asus Padfone: A Smartphone That Snaps into a Tablet

If you really think about it—reeeeally think about it—tablets are currently little more than gigantic smartphones. So why not build what amounts to a large-screen dock for a smartphone and call it a tablet?

That’s what Asus is planning to do with its recently-announced Padfone. It’s an accessory for an Asus smartphone that …

Asus May Launch Sub-$200 Netbook

Faced with tough competition from tablets, Asus may strike back with a dirt-cheap netbook.

Digitimes’ unnamed sources say Asus is planning an Eee PC netbook for less than $199 (not pictured), but it’s not clear what the company would sacrifice to get the price that low.

Typical Windows 7 netbooks sell for about $300 or $350, and …

Here Come the Cheap Android Tablets

Apple stunned tech pundits in January 2010, when it announced the iPad for a $499 base price. The company known for premium products was selling its cutting-edge tablet for near-netbook prices.

More than a year later, the competition is about to give Apple a run for its money. Three upcoming tablets — Acer’s Iconia A100, Asus’ Eee …

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