Cat vs. Bat: Hands-on with ‘Batman: Arkham City’

My hands-on time with this year’s Bat-game revealed a few things to me.

The new criminal ghetto in the sequel’s Gotham City is big. Very big. You’ll face off against even more thugs–and more kinds of thugs–in Arkham City. But Batman will have a powered-up set of attacks and gadgets. The combat system features tiers of execution …

How Batman Almost Fought Osama bin Laden

Back in 2006, Frank Miller–the cartoonist behind Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, as well as 300 and Sin City–announced that he would be writing and drawing a graphic novel for DC Comics called Holy Terror, in which Batman would take on al-Qaeda and face Osama bin Laden. (“Superman punched out Hitler,” he said at the time. “So did …

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