Warner Bros. Acquires Majority Stake In Batman: Arkham Asylum Dev

In a not so surprising move, Warner Bros. announced this morning that they’ve acquired a majority stake in London-based Rocksteady Studios. The same studio that produced last year’s massively popular hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum. While WB did not divulge how much of the studio it acquired, Eidos revealed to Develop that they retain a …

Riddles and Rumors: Big Batman 3 Plot Points

When you have a superhero movie like The Dark Knight, that so successfully breaks out of its niche and genre that people are clamoring for a best picture nomination, it becomes obvious that the next step for the reinvigorated Batman franchise will be something big. The demand is there, the money’s there, the potential’s there.

And …

Batman 3: It Won’t Be Long Now

Today, Variety wrote that ABC’s FlashForward would endure another kick to the teeth as co-creator David Goyer announced his departure from the show to focus on his film career (though he will stay attached to the show as executive producer.)

Translation: It’s Batman 3 time, kiddies!

Goyer co-wrote 2005’s Batman Begins and also …

DCU 2010: The Return of Bruce Wayne

DC is motoring right along with their 2010 announcements this week and today we learn that Bruce Wayne will be making his triumphant return to Gotham in a six-part miniseries penned by Grant Morrison. If you weren’t following Final Crisis or even Battle for the Cowl then you probably wouldn’t have picked up on the fact that Bruce …

DC Unveils Earth One

It’s a big week for DC Comics and the DC Universe as a whole. You’ll be seeing a pretty big announcement sometime this week on Techland in regards to DCU in 2010. But until then, DCU’s The Source has unveiled Superman: Earth One and Batman: Earth One. Two of DC’s most iconic characters will have their first year stories retold in …

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