Bing Adds Facebook Social Features

Microsoft’s search site Bing just got a whole lot more social with the addition of a bunch of new Facebooky features so you can “bring the Friend Effect to search” (Bing’s phrase, not mine).

What’s the Friend Effect? According to Bing, it’s the way that “90 per cent of people seek advice from family and friends as part of the decision

3 of 10 U.S. Web Searches Powered by Bing

Microsoft has hit a milestone in its slow search ascent, with Bing powering 30 percent of searches in the United States.

That’s only if you include both Bing and Yahoo, which is powered by Microsoft’s search engine. Separately, Bing is still in third place with 14.32 percent of the market in March, according to Hitwise. Yahoo has …

Bing Updates: Let The Search Engine Make Decisions For You

Microsoft officially launched Bing 2.0 Wednesday night with changes to both their online search engine and mobile phone apps. Bing has been trying to compete against Google for dominance since it launched in June 2009, particularly by calling their program a “decision engine.” And that’s what these upgrades mostly are: additional …

Microsoft Adds Mall Maps to Bing

Microsoft has added a useful feature to its Bing Maps service: mall maps. If you’ve ever been stuck in a mall and tried to find one of those map kiosks but your wife is like, “Don’t wander off, I’ll only be a minute,” and you’re like, “Can I at least go to Starbucks?” and she’s like, “You know you’ll get sidetracked …