AOL and The Huffington Post’s New Unpaid Blogging Army? Underage Kids

When is child labor not child labor? The answer, according to AOL-owned blog The Huffington Post, may be “When teenagers are producing content for the Internet for free.”

HuffPost has been criticized in the past for exploiting writers by not paying them for their work, but any debate over whether or not such treatment is fair is about …

AOL, Huff Post Sued For $105 Million By Ex-Blogger

Be careful who you fire as you’re handing over your company, they just might sue you for $105 million. In fact that’s just what former Huffington Post blogger Jonathan Tasini’s asking from AOL and HuffPost in a lawsuit with possible class-action status, claiming he and other bloggers weren’t paid for their work.

Those other …

Blogger Regains Its Cool

Remember Blogger? Of course you do. But do you still use it, or did you start using WordPress or Tumblr years ago?

Blogger is one of the oldest names on the blogging block, but hasn’t had a lot of love from its owners for a long time. Aside from a gorgeous and easy-to-use template design tool launched last year, its user interface