Facebook Boston? Zuckerberg Recruits Harvard, MIT Students

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg returned to his alma mater—Harvard—today on a recruiting swing for the world’s most popular social network. He made another trip to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well. I caught the (very) brief press conference at MIT, where Zuckerberg only had time to answer a few questions.

The …

Got a Treadmill? Got a TV? You Can Run the Boston Marathon

My wife ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago. More impressive than that, I jumped in and ran the last four miles with her. Me! Four miles! I know! More than the actual race day, though, I remember her having to train during one of the crappiest, dumpiest Boston winters in recent memory—to the point that she basically had bronchitis

They Should Make It: Big City Tourist Chairlifts

I live in Boston. Charlestown, if you’re familiar with the area. The other night I was over in the North End for dinner, which is about a mile or so from my place. The North End is Boston’s preeminent Italian neighborhood and most weekend nights are jam-packed with tourists and locals looking for dinner. Getting there by cab, even …

PAX East 2010: We’re Here!

Team Techland (me and Doug) are posted up at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston waiting for Wil Wheaton’s keynote that’s slated to start at 3PM ET. No More Kings’ “Sweep the Leg” is currently blasting over the PA system. We dig it.

A few things:

• Our live blog of Wheaton’s keynote will be light since we’re videotaping the …

PAX East: Want To Meet Up?

Greetings Readers of Techland-

Just a heads up that a contingent of the Hive Mind will be in Boston this weekend for PAX East. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a few beers to talk shop or to yell at us then speak now or I’ll give you Doug A’s address for future harassment. If there’s enough interest, I’ll find a place to hold …

Testing Out the WikiReader

The $99 WikiReader is a divisive device. Smartphone owners will scoff in disbelief at the sheer audacity of a non-connected portable with a black and white screen that displays text-only Wikipedia entries. “What’s to be done with this WikiReader?!!” they’ll cry out, iPhones brandished and ready to download an infinite number of advanced …