Why Steve Jobs’ Resignation as CEO Isn’t the End of the World

It’s hard to imagine Apple without Steve Jobs. But with Apple stronger than it has ever been, this might have been the best time for Tim Cook to step in as its new CEO. The company is in a position where it can probably take the biggest of hits—including losing its star chief executive.

Steve Jobs’ resignation shouldn’t have been a

End of an Era: Apple’s Steve Jobs Steps Down, Tim Cook Steps Up

And just like that, Steve Jobs has stepped down from his throne as CEO of Apple and handed the scepter to the current chief operating officer, Tim Cook. You can’t say no one saw it coming. Jobs has been on a medical leave of absence since January 17, 2011 for undisclosed reasons (he had a liver transplant in April 2009 after battling …

Piles of Pivotal WikiLeaks Data May Have Been Obliterated

Ever have one of those days, where you accidentally expunge half your hard drive’s contents, then realize, shattered, that you don’t have a backup? Me too, and we can add WikiLeaks—the nonprofit private industry and state secret bean-spiller—to the brotherhood of the crushed and traumatized.

Or at least add in part. It depends …

Did We Fumble the World’s Largest Cyberattack?

It’s looking like the world’s biggest cyberattack, and also like it’s been transpiring under our noses. That’s according to a report released today by security firm McAfee detailing the company’s investigation of massive intrusions into over 70 international companies, including governments and non-profit organizations, which occurred …

Anonymous: Hey, We Just Hacked NATO!

Anonymous, the hacker hive behind attacks on Sony, the Church of Scientology and various international governments has apparently trained its crosshairs on NATO, the military-minded North Atlantic Treaty Organization composed of the United States and multiple European countries. The group claims it managed to hack into NATO computers and …

Citigroup Says 360,000 Credit Cards Were Hacked

Turns out there’s a whole lot more users that are going to be affected by the Citibank breach than everyone thought.

Just last week, it became apparent that Citibank had been hacked in early May. It wasn’t until nearly three weeks later that the bank notified everyone about the situation, revealing that about 200,000 accounts were …

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