Company SecurID Tokens Will Be Replaced

RSA Security, a security data firm which suffered a breach back in March, is now offering to replace all of the security tokens it provides to millions of corporate workers. Is it safe to trust companies when they say our data is secure after a hacking incident yet?

In a letter yesterday, EMC, which encompasses RSA, admitted that …

E3 2011: Xbox 360 Gets Live TV in ‘New’ New Xbox Experience

What’s the one thing you wish Xbox Live had in the U.S., that it doesn’t today? Yep, I said live TV, too. I haven’t actually had live TV (or frankly any sort of cable TV package) for years. When I watch TV at all, it’s to plumb Netflix’s super-giganto library, or to pop in a couple seasons of something long-since-aired on DVD. But I …

China Denies Gmail Hack, Claims It’s a ‘Victim’ Too

China’s response to Google’s accusation that Chinese hackers broke into Gmail, the company’s free online email service, and absconded with the login details of hundreds of senior U.S. and Asian government officials, military personnel, journalists and Chinese political activists?

We didn’t do it, and your “unacceptable” attempt to …

Sony Admits Canadian Site Hacked, Thousands of Records Stolen

Down, down, to offline town: Sony says it’s shuttered online services in Canada, Indonesia, and Thailand this morning after detecting a ne’er-do-well on the (virtual) premises. This, after a 26-day PlayStation Network outage, followed by a veritable spree of copycat hacks.

Poor Sony, the world’s biggest cyber-pincushion. Every time I …

Deadly Explosion at iPad Production Plant in China

An explosion at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu, China has killed two people and injured 16 others, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Chengdu plant is one of two facilities owned by Foxconn that produces iPads for Apple.

The explosion happened at around 7:00 Friday night in a "polishing plant" thought to be "at the end of the production

Leaked: Sony Letter to Publishers About PSN Outage

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” That’s the gist of a new, reportedly leaked letter from Sony to its publishing partners about the PlayStation Network outage, handed off by an anonymous source to Industry Gamers. If legit, it suggests Sony’s vague public tale of when and how the outage occurred doesn’t gain any insightful …

Reports Say Another Security Attack Is Planned Against Sony

According to a report by CNET, Sony may have to brace itself for another hack this coming weekend. Yes, another one.

An observer of the IRC channel used by hackers says that the third major attack is planned for Sony’s website, as punishment for the way Sony has handled the PlayStation network breach. The company only alerted …

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