Farewell Flock, the Browser for Social Network Nuts

It’s time to say farewell to Flock, the social browser that promised so much but never really caught on.

Promised so much? Like what? When Flock first appeared back in 2005, it said it would revolutionize the way people use social networks. It came with social features baked-in, making it much easier to browse sites like Flickr and …

Hey Internet, I’m Talking to You

If you’re running the latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser, you can now talk to the internet. It won’t listen, and it won’t do what you say, but it will recognize what words you’ve spoken. Which is a good start.

The beta of Chrome 11 includes support for a speech input technology, part of the HTML5 standard. That means that

Microsoft Sets New Internet Explorer Release for SXSW Next Week

Perhaps in an effort to whip up Apple-esque levels of pre-launch hype, Microsoft has announced that it will hold the global launch of Internet Explorer 9 at South by South West next week: Monday 14th, at 9pm Pacific time.

The first IE9 beta was released in September last year; a Release Candidate version (sort of halfway between a …

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