Groupon for Cars? Not Quite.

Hyundai is the first auto maker to embrace Groupon, but don’t get too excited.

The Groupon deal, offered to Hyundai customers in Chicago over the last weekend, consisted of an oil change, inspection and tire rotation for $29. Roughly 1,300 people signed up for the deal, enough for the auto maker to call it a success.

“If the …

Volkswagen Unveils ‘Most Fuel Efficient Beetle Ever’

It’s wider, lower, and longer, and Volkswagen says it’ll do up to 40 on the highway or 29 in the city: Meet the new 2012 Beetle, a sleek, slightly flatter, still curvy head-turner Volkswagen AG calls its “most fuel-efficient Beetle ever.”

It’s still a Beetle of course, it just looks a trifle sportier–less like a fat little …

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