Top 10 Celebrity Tech Endorsements

Going viral in the past week are two celebrity tech ads — James Franco promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Penélope Cruz promoting the Nintendo 3DS. That’s a good enough excuse to re-watch celebrity-endorsed tech …

Rapper ‘The Game’ Scores Legal Trouble with Twitter Prank

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do on Twitter #23: Tell your followers that if they want to be your intern, they should call a phone number that belongs to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Sounds obvious, right?

And yet, it’s something that rapper “The Game” didn’t seem to think about when he sent that very tweet out to his 580,000 …

Why Google+ Shouldn’t Be Chasing Celebrities

Lady Gaga is not on Google+. Nor is Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber or many other mega-celebrities, but apparently, Google wants to change that.

CNN reports that Google is drawing up a “celebrity acquisition plan” for its new social network, including a way to verify famous people as the real deal. Google won’t confirm the plans, but CNN

Can You Tell When a Celeb’s Tweet is #Endorsed?

When actress Elizabeth Hurley tweets that she loves a specific Estee Lauder product, she could be getting paid the big bucks to say so. Since the actress has been the face of the brand for over 15 years, it seems like quite the coincidence that every once and awhile she gives Estee Lauder shout out.

Although the FTC ruled late last …