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UPDATE! There Will Be No Tweeting at the Royal Wedding

Just to make sure guests aren’t going to be a pain in the royal you know what, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be jamming cellphones in the church when they exchange their vows. Nothing like a Rebecca Black ringtone going off at the moment of “I do.”

The 1,900 people packed inside Westminster Abbey (which will include …

Yes, Your Cell Phone Reception is Getting Worse

Do you feel like your calls are dropping more frequently or more of your calls are not connecting? Don’t throw your cell phone on the ground in frustration and start cursing the phone’s poorly manufactured antenna. Studies are showing that your reception — not your equipment — may be the problem.

According to consumer ratings firm …

FCC Pushing To Allow You To Text 911

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thinks that it’s time for an overhaul of the 911 emergency system to allow users to text 911 with messages, pictures and video in case of emergencies. In a statement issued today, the organization stated that texting 911 could be beneficial in situations like the Virginia Tech shootings, where …

Samsung Galaxy S: Hands-on With the AT&T Captivate

The first of four Galaxy S branded Android devices from Samsung will launch on 7/18 with AT&T and we’re happy to give you a sneak peek of the device now.

The Captivate for AT&T will be followed by:

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile (7/21)
Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint (TBD)
Samsung Fascinate for Verizon (TBD)

Samsung’s premium …