Zuckerberg Is Planning Another Trip to China

The founder of Facebook is coming to China. Time to bust out the fireworks, firecrackers and fanfare… except Facebook is blocked to China (and has been, for a while).

Therein lies the problem. It’s clear the Facebook CEO wants to make an imprint on one of the largest internet markets, but the Chinese population doesn’t have …

Baidu Gets Sued for Internet Censorship – In America

Baidu, China’s Google replacement, is getting sued for censorship. And it’s all happening in the U.S., and not in its home country. Whaa?

Eight New York residents sued the company, saying the search engine is guilty of censorship, and that it’s in cahoots with the Chinese government. And although that may obviously the case, I’m …

China’s iPad 2 Launch Quickly Erupts into a Bloody Mess

Don’t buy an Apple product in China on launch day unless you have some riot gear on you. This past weekend, the iPad 2 launched there and what started off as orderly in the nation’s capital quickly became downright bloody. They are serious about their Apple products.

It all started at Beijing’s flagship store located in …

iPhone Growth Suddenly Soaring in China

It’s a country with a population of over 1.3 billion, so this should surprise no one, but yes, China appears to be to the iPhone what flowers are to bees.

IDG News reports that in a conference call yesterday, Apple COO Tim Cook revealed that between January and March 2011, iPhone sales in “Greater China” surged nearly 250 …

How China Is Powering North Korea’s Smartphone Mania

North Korea has a new problem on its hands besides poverty and reported bouts of famine – Kim Jong Il’s new enemy is cellphones.

Wired reports that North Korea now sports 450,000 users on its cell phone network. While those numbers may not seem like much to the rest of the world, it is a 50 percent increase from last year. It’s …

China Decides to Ban Time Travel

In China… well, in China, many weird things happen. The Chinese government, in another strange episode, has decided to ban time travel. Well, at least when it comes to television shows and movies.

With the way things are run, the state controls and monitors everything shown on your television or your computer. So yeah, China can …

Twitter Says It Won’t Ignore China Forever

Twitter’s Biz Stone says that one day, the company might have to deal with China regarding its policy on censorship. That doesn’t mean the company is ready to take action just yet, though.

Along with LinkedIn, Facebook and other web services, Twitter is just one of many websites blocked to the Chinese populace through what’s …

TechFast: Microsoft Sues Everybody, Nintendo 3DS Reviews

Good morning. Here’s what’s been breaking in tech news while you’ve been sleeping and enjoying your breakfast.

Microsoft sues just about everybody

The lawyers will be opening another crate of champagne today, as Microsoft announces lawsuits against Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec for patent infringement. What patents, exactly?

Google Blames China for Slowing Down Gmail

The concept of “free internet” never really takes hold until the very first moment you sit down at a Chinese computer and type in ‘’. Here in China, it’s blocked. And even though tech giant Google pulled out of mainland China over a year ago, it’s only been harder to access Google’s services recently.

One of the …

TechFast: Google vs China, iPad Success, Facebook Snaps Up Snaptu

Good morning! Here are some of this morning’s interesting tech stories. More on these, and more besides, coming up later.

iPad 2 Will Keep The Top Spot

In a market analysis report that will surprise exactly no-one, some analysts from Gartner said the Apple iPad will continue to dominate the tablet computer market for some time to

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