Comic-Con 2010

Video: Small Press Creators at Comic-Con

Hundreds of comics creators were showing off their work at Comic-Con International. We caught up with a handful of them to talk about their small-press projects, both new and still-in-the-works. In order of appearance: Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie), Cecil Castellucci (Odd Duck), Jacen Burrows (Neonomicon), Thomas Zahler (Love and Capes), …

Emanata: When I Am King of Comic-Con

I’m not going to deny it: I had an absolutely great time at this year’s Comic-Con. I saw some fascinating panels (and moderated a few), I found some books I’ve been looking for forever, I bought some fantastic original art, and I was convinced, contra Lev’s essay, that nerd culture is the healthiest it’s ever been, both in numbers and in …

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