Intel Promises 35 Tablets in 2011

For the most part, Intel’s been left out in the cold when it comes to tablets and smartphones. While the company’s processors are relatively powerful compared to mobile-centric processors from competitors like Qualcomm and Marvell, they aren’t able to eke out nearly as much battery life.

To address the growing tablet market Intel

AMD Fusion Platform Combines CPU and GPU

AMD is getting ready to put its 2006 acquisition of graphics company ATI to good use with the 2011 launch of what it’s calling the Fusion APU. The Fusion APU (accelerated processing unit) combines both the CPU (central processing unit) and the GPU (graphics processing unit) together onto a single silicon die. The end result will be …

AMD Bumps Notebook Battery to 8 Hours, Updates Desktop CPUs

AMD is finding its way further into the ultrathin, long battery life notebook arena with its recently announced 2010 “Vision” series CPUs. The line be available “in sleek and affordable notebooks that can deliver up to eight hours of battery life” while scoring “50% better than a comparable Intel-based system with Nvidia …

New Intel Atom Z600 CPUs Coming to Tablets and Phones

Intel’s Atom CPUs have been all over the netbook space but the processor manufacturer wants in on the lucrative smartphone and tablet arenas as well. With the introduction of the Z600 series of Atom CPUs, Intel is promising processor speeds up to 1.9GHz for tablets and 1.5GHz for smartphones while maintaining long battery life and the …