Joojoo Now Shipping, Arriving March 29

Just a quick update for anyone remotely interested in the Joojoo tablet from Fusion Garage or for those who pre-ordered, the tablets have begun shipping and will arrive by March 29.

The Joojoo is a 12.1-inch capacitive touch-screen tablet at retails for $499. Check out our hands-on here.

JooJoo Shipping Later This Month, Web App Store On the Way

Just after CES I began to wonder what was up with Fusion Garage and the JooJoo tablet. I was under the impression that I would have had a review unit during the holidays. That obviously didn’t happen and so I did what anyone would do – bug PR. I didn’t actually ask about review units; I thought the JooJoo had become vaporware given …

Hands-on With the Fusion Garage Joojoo Tablet

Outside of Fusion Garage and TechCrunch, I’m probably the only other person to have an attachment to the Joojoo tablet. Towards the end of my time with TechCrunch, I tinkered with Prototype B during a random pit stop at the TC office in Palo Alto. The hardware design and the sort-of-working-but-not OS, which Fusion Garage claims to …

The CrunchPad Is Dead, Long Live the CrunchPad

It’s a tale of greed and lust.

Michael Arrington is reporting that Fusion Garage has pulled the rug out from underneath TechCrunch on the CrunchPad project and plans to sell the 12-inch tablet without TechCrunch. It seems as though Fusion Garage was being pressured by shareholders to ditch Arrington and co. They seem to forget that …