The Prince of Persia Movie Trailer

Only by taking … this dagger … to the secret guardian temple … can you make me stop breathlessly uttering exposition …

Judging by their accents, Persia is somewhere not very far from London.

Rumor: Rorschach To Play Sinestro In Upcoming Green Lantern Flick

It’s one thing to cast Ryan Reynolds for the upcoming Green Lantern movie but the possibility of bringing Jackie Earle Haley to lead the charge against the emerald green do-gooders leaves us rather giddy. At the moment, Haley is only intrigued by the idea but hasn’t officially signed on to be Hal Jordan’s former mentor and current …

Dollhouse: It’s Not That Bad?

I’ve been watching Dollhouse. I’ve also been reading the critical reception for it, which has basically been like a mass public wake. There is a sense of mourning. It’s not just that Dollhouse isn’t that good, but that its very not-goodness seems to prove something more sinister about the universe — the very fact that Joss Whedon can …

Simon Pegg Speaks

It’s not that big a deal. He probably speaks all the time. But if you want to watch him speak to somebody from Time, namely my friend Gilbert, check it out:

If you’re mainly interested in Star Trek stuff,  jump ahead to 4:56.

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