data caps

The Internet Costs More Today, Thanks to AT&T

So long cheap Internet, we hardly knew ya: AT&T’s broadband data caps go into effect today, reigning in data gobblers and dashing the dreams of high volume file-sharing freebooters. Ahoy, thar be usage checks ahead.

Actually “data caps” isn’t accurate. They’re not caps at all. They don’t cork up your DSL or fiber line when …

Onavo, the iPhone App for Data Hogs

iPhone data caps got you down? Onavo offers a solution by compressing all your data so you don’t use as much of it.

The free iPhone app claims to save up to 80 percent on a monthly data allotment. Just run the app in the background, and Onavo gets to work on crunching those bits.

It’s a useless app for the Verizon iPhone, given …