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Rise of the Supermen: Initial Review of DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Systems it’s available on: PC, PS3
ESRB rating: Teen
System reviewed on: PS3

I, probably like most people who identify as nerds, created my own superhero characters when I was growing up. The notebooks with the story outlines for …

Gaming Tip Sheet: “DC Universe Online”

For those of you who want to get some inside tips on DC Universe Online, the new MMORPG that allows you to play as a superhero or supervillain, we spoke to DCUO Game Director Chris Cao. He was more than willing to oblige, giving us a range of things to think for newbies or a seasoned veterans of games like these.

Remember The …

Q&A: Marv Wolfman on DC Universe Online, Love for Video Games

Marv Wolfman knows the DC Universe like few others. He’s written hit runs on Superman and Batman, along with a classic partnership with artist George Perez on the Teen Titans. Most memorably, he destroyed the multiple planes of reality that where alternate versions of the publishers characters existed in 1986’s Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Curious Case of DC Universe Online

Some day you’ll be able to play DC Universe Online on the PC and PlayStation 3. This, along with a few other scraps of random screenshots and information, is all anyone knows about the massively multiplayer online game. Video footage of actual gameplay is scarcer than gold Kryptonite. The trickle of information reached new levels of …