What Is YouTube’s ‘Panda’ Project All About?

Google’s been busy recently. The launch of Google+ has also brought about a long-overdue revamp of the branding and styling found on other Google sites, giving all of them a unified new look. YouTube is no exception.

The new YouTube goes under the name “Cosmic Panda”, and you can get to it just by visiting

Watch: Apple Unveils Plans for Incredible Spaceship-style HQ

“Spectacular is an understatement.”

With those words, Cupertino Council Member Orrin Mahoney greeted Steve Jobs’ presentation to the council about his plans for a new HQ, just a few blocks down the road from the existing one located at One Infinite Loop.

Jobs replied with characteristic simplicity: “I think we have a shot at …

What Happens If Apple’s Lead Designer Moves to London?

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Giles Turnbull, a technology writer in the UK.

The thing that’s got Apple-watchers all hot and bothered today is the speculation around the rumor surrounding the gossip over the single newspaper article that suggests that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s lead designer, might – or might …

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