What Is YouTube’s ‘Panda’ Project All About?

Google’s been busy recently. The launch of Google+ has also brought about a long-overdue revamp of the branding and styling found on other Google sites, giving all of them a unified new look. YouTube is no exception.

The new YouTube goes under the name “Cosmic Panda”, and you can get to it just by visiting …

A Custom Bikini? Sure, We Can Print That Out in 3D for You

Good morning, madam, how can I help you today?

“I’d like a bikini please.”

Certainly madam, I’ll just print one for you.

This, ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), is the kind of bikini you can get now that you’re Living in the Future.

The N12 bikini (named after the plastic it’s printed with) consists of hundreds of …

Watch: Apple Unveils Plans for Incredible Spaceship-style HQ

“Spectacular is an understatement.”

With those words, Cupertino Council Member Orrin Mahoney greeted Steve Jobs’ presentation to the council about his plans for a new HQ, just a few blocks down the road from the existing one located at One Infinite Loop.

Jobs replied with characteristic simplicity: “I think we have a shot at …

What Happens If Apple’s Lead Designer Moves to London?

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Giles Turnbull, a technology writer in the UK.

The thing that’s got Apple-watchers all hot and bothered today is the speculation around the rumor surrounding the gossip over the single newspaper article that suggests that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s lead designer, might – or might …

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