digital cameras

Meet Lytro, the Light-Field Camera that Snaps 4D Pics

Say hello to Lytro, a new consumer-grade camera capable of focusing on multiple points in an image with eye-popping accuracy after you’ve snapped the picture. We first heard about it this summer, and now it has a release timeframe: early next year. What, you thought “4D” was just marketing gibberish? Because 4D implies “time,” and what …

Is This Really the World’s Smallest Camera?

I’d say no, not really the smallest, not if we’re counting pinhole cameras and all the geeky spy-angled gadgets that’ve been circulating for years. But judging based on general, non-specialty use, I suppose the answer’s “close enough.”

We’re talking about what looks like a 1-inch novelty item you might slip on your keychain like a …

HTC Windows Phone 7 Ad Promises 16-Megapixel Camera

If you listen really closely to this leaked ad for an HTC Windows Phone 7 handset with a 16-megapixel camera, you can hear the sound of compact digital cameras dying a sad, slow death.

HTC’s yet-unnamed Windows Phone 7 would top the Altek Leo’s 14-megapixel camera for the highest pixel count in a smartphone. HTC’s handset will also …

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