Toshiba’s New E-Reader Is Solar Powered

Yes, we know: You don’t need yet another e-reader in the market. However, Toshiba has come up with a green twist to appeal to your consumer needs. This new e-reader is solar-powered, which means plugging in the device at night or rushing to find an electrical socket. The Biblio Leaf eReader is only available in Japan starting next week, …

Virtual Book Club: Five Great Social Reading Sites

Book lovers, take note: The best reading buddies might not frequent your local bookstores.

If you’re tired of testing book clubs that somehow always seem to be covers for mindless gossip, take your love of lit to the web. Social reading sites have become the new meeting place for book lovers, as comment threads double as circled …

Ask Techland: Kindle or Nook?

Have a question for Techland? Send an e-mail to tips at techland dot com and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Ah, the old Kindle versus Nook debate. Which one’s right for you? Let’s find out in a spec-by-spec showdown. This information is accurate as of 8/25/10.


The Wi-Fi-only version of the Kindle costs $139; the Nook …

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