IMPORTANT: Friday Is ‘Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day’

First we get Monday off for Labor Day and now we get a bonus technology-related holiday on Friday?! Pinch me, I must be drea—ow, I said pinch me, not slice into my forearm with your fingernail. Ah, great. I’m bleeding. It’s a figure of speech. How could I be dreaming? Who types in their dreams?

Back to the issue at hand: Friday is …

A Custom Bikini? Sure, We Can Print That Out in 3D for You

Good morning, madam, how can I help you today?

“I’d like a bikini please.”

Certainly madam, I’ll just print one for you.

This, ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), is the kind of bikini you can get now that you’re Living in the Future.

The N12 bikini (named after the plastic it’s printed with) consists of hundreds of …

They Should Make It: Netflix for Purses

My wife and I live on a somewhat modest income—she’s a teacher, I’m a world-famous blogger—and she still owns well over 1,000 purses. I haven’t counted them all by hand, so my math may be off. Whatever the case, I can only imagine that people in higher economic classes than us have entire rooms in their homes for the sole

Iron Man’s New Suit: Basically Void Of Change

“There’s never been a superhero like the new Iron Man!” …Except for the old Iron Man, who was exactly the same, only in a slightly different suit.

Yesterday, Marvel posted photos of Tony Stark’s new alter-ego duds, and to be honest, I can’t really tell the difference. Overall, that’s probably a good thing. You just don’t overhaul …