15 Must-Have Gadgets for Super Bowl Sunday

The big game’s right around the corner, and whether you’re making the trek to Indianapolis to catch the action in person, fighting for a good spot on the couch in someone’s tiny apartment who has no business inviting 50 …

App of the Week: ESPN Fantasy Football 2011

For some people—like my roommates—fantasy football is as much a part of autumn as the leaves changing color.

It means lazy Sundays spent doing little more than plopping down in front of the tube, washing down Digiorno with whatever beer’s on sale that week while compulsively checking your team after every down. The dedication and …

10 Things You Need to Know About ‘Madden NFL 12’

Every year, people complain about EA’s Madden franchise. I know; I’ve been one of them. “It’s the same game every year. Nothing’s really different.”

But this year’s edition of the best-selling football sim actually does look significantly changed from its most recent predecessors. EA Sports developers gave us a rundown of the recent …

Comcast Sues DirecTV over False NFL Advertising

DirecTV is being sued for false advertising over its recent claim that subscribers will be able to watch its NFL Sunday Ticket service for free.

“Free” in this case means a two-year subscription with the second year at full-price, and with a cancellation fee should you try and get out earlier. So far so usual, right? Well, yes, except …

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