Google+ Help Page Tips ‘Games Stream’ Coming

Google has had its hands busy tweaking its new darling, Google+, which is rumored to be opening to the public on July 31st. In preparation for the launch, the company has been culling user feedback (like with the sleek new “send feedback” tab in the lower-right hand corner), as well as assembling step-by-step user guides in the form of …

Five-Year-Old Girl Invents Impossibly Cute Video Game

A man takes his five-year-old daughter to a three-day game development festival in Toronto and CHANGES THE WORLD FOREVER.

That may be a tad melodramatic on my part, but you have to admit that the browser-based “Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure” game has it all.

There’s magic—everybody loves magic. There’s adventure—again, …

London Turns Subway Commuting Into a Game

Regular commuters on London’s Underground rail network have now got a new incentive for keeping their journeys short: a social network that turns the Tube into a game.

It’s called Chromaroma, and it’s easy to play.

Pretty much everyone in London already has an Oyster card – an RFID-enabled smart card that they can top up with …

Nintendo 3DS Soars, Sells 400,000 in First Week

Nintendo’s 3DS portable flew off the shelves in late March, moving just shy of 400,000 units during its first week of U.S. sales, reports Nintendo. Couple with Nintendo’s other handhelds, and the company says it saw its best March ever (that’s “in U.S. history” ever) for portable hardware sales.

Factor in dueling DS games …

It’s the World’s Biggest Game of Pac-Man

It’s Friday, Friday… If you’ve got some major time to kill, there’s always the world’s biggest game of Pac-Man, and its all online.

The whole game consists of more than one maze: it consists of several mazes, all interconnected with each other. And then you can zoom out, to see some more mazes. Again, and again. It doesn’t …

Game Developers Warned Away From Amazon Appstore

You’d think game developers would have rejoiced after Amazon launched their Appstore a few weeks ago–an Appstore putatively offering access to the Internet mega-retailer’s vast infrastructure, a devoted user base, and another distribution pipeline for those frustrated with the Android Market.

And while all that’s there, it seems like …

Review: Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP

The unexpected game success of the week is a five-dollar app called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. When it was released last Thursday for the iPad, only hardcore gaming heads had heard of it (or its Toronto-based studio, Capybara Games). Now, basically on the strength of word of mouth, it’s already hit third place on the paid iPad …

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