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Google, FTC Bury the Axe Over Google Buzz

Google and the Federal Trade Commission just agreed to make nice over allegations the company’s online conversation-starter Google Buzz violated privacy rights and tricked users into trying the service.

Not that Google’s off the hook. The proposed settlement would task Google with putting into place a “comprehensive privacy program,” …

Google to Buy Groupon for $6 Billion?

My what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, the word on the street was that Google was getting close to buying local deals site Groupon for an estimated $3 billion. Today, that estimate has doubled to $6 billion.

All Things D reports that unnamed sources are saying a deal could even close this week. The detailed terms of the …

Every Gmail User Sues Google Over Buzz, Google Settles for $8.5 Million

Get any interesting e-mails lately? If you’re a Gmail user, you should have gotten one directly from Google yesterday saying, “We’ve reached a settlement in a lawsuit regarding Google Buzz.”

“Everyone in the U.S. who uses Gmail is included in the settlement,” says the e-mail. We won! What do we get? “Just to be clear, this is not a …

Dear Microsoft – Outlook ≠ Google Buzz

Hot on the heels of Google’s Buzz launch, Microsoft is pushing out the beta release for Outlook Social Connector, an add-on that pulls info from social-networking sites. Sound familiar? If you’ve been using Xobni then I’m sure you’ve already been using this type of functionality for quite some time.

Users of Office 2003, 2007 …

The Techland Show: The Prodigal Son Has Returned

I’m happy to report that Lev has returned from book leave! What a joyous occasion for me. Not to discredit Steve or Allie, but I’ve missed Lev. We’re like the Three Amigos minus the third Amigo, you know?

I’m not entirely sure which episode this is but I’m being told that it’s episode number 11.

Anyway, Lev chats about …

The Daily Dose

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010

Today in Techland: Peter brought us all the specs of Google’s Buzz – a new system that attempts to be Twitter/Facebook/Flickr/YouTube/Wave/GChat all in one. Mike Williams talked comics we’re reading this week, and Steve caught up with Wolfman director Joe Johnston. It’s turning out to be a good week.


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